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Martin Napa

On the All Saints’ Day 2020.a.D. Protector Generalis CTM & OAM took to procedure forwarded him evidence of OAM, Cav. Martin Napa, knight’s honour defence.

We are waiting for the claims until 01.01.2021.a.D. – if possible, we ask to avoid the duels in classical meaning.

About Cav. Martin Napa, currently gaining fame as a USA writer, You can find more from here:

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Martin Napa                                   December 4th 2019
Date of birth: 20.12.1966
Nationality: Estonian
Place of birth: Tallinn, Estonia

Education and training:
1974 : The Soviet Union Embassy School in Stockholm, Sweden
1974 -1985 : Tallinn Secondary School No7 (English-biased school)
1985 -1992 : Tartu University, EstoniaLaw Faculty (cum laude)
1985-1987 : Soviet Army
1989 : University of Uppsala, SwedenCourses on the EC Law
1991-1992 : University of Limerick, Ireland. Principals of Law. Public Law. Irish Government and Politics. Comparative Legal Systems. European Institutions. Politics of European IntegrationLaw of European Integration. Commercial Law. Law of Torts
1994 : University of Glasgow, Scotland, the U.K. Academic research studies on the EC Law
1997 : Ministry of Finance, SwedenSeminar on the State Administration
2000 : Ministry of Finance, FranceSeminar on the EC Politics
2001 : Seminar on the State Procurement System in the UK
2013 – 2015: Master Degree studies in the EELK Theological Insitute in Tallinn

Working experience:
1992 - 1993: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 23rd Diplomatic Passport of the Rep. of Estonia. Legal Department, Counsellor for the International Agreements. Deputy Head of the Legal Department. The member or the head of delegations of the Rep. of Estoniafor negotiations and undersigning of bilateral treaties and agreements
1993 : Estonian Forexbank. Director of Legal Affairs
1993 - 1994: French Attorney’s Firm „Moquet, Bordé & Associes” (Paris). Lawyer in the Tallinn Representation
1994 : Tartu UniversityLegal Department. Lecturer on the EC Law
1994 - 1998: Ministry of Economic Affairs. CounsellorHead of the Legal Department. Head of the Department of Legal Affairs and Eurointegration
1998 - 1999
2002 - 2012: Toompea Law Firm OÜ. Founder and Chairman of the Board.
Publicly known clients: Ministry of Interior Affairs of Estonia, Ministry of Defence of Estonia, Estonian Boarder Guard, Tallinn Central Hospital, Procurement Department of Estonia, Tallinn Airport, Estonian Railways, Tallinn Bus Company etc.
1999 - 2002: Ministry of Transport and CommunicationCounsellor to the Minister
1999 - 2002: Tallinn Airport Ltd. Chairman of the Supervisory Board
2003 : The legal expert for the EU expert groupfor the public procurement matters in Estonia
2004 - ... : The Academician of the Russian G.R.Deržavin Academy of Literal and Fine Arts
2008 - ... : Professor of the Academy of the Russian G.R.Deržavin Academy of Literal andFine Arts
2012 - ... : Cavalleri Ottavio S.p.A. (Itaalia, ja Tecno Engineering 2. C S.r.l. (Itaalia, )
Empowered Representative in the Russian Federation
2012 - 2013: Baltic Oil Terminals PLC, London, UK, Chief Operating Officer (COO)/GeneralManager
2014 - ... : Halls China Strategies Co.Ltd, Hong Kong, Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Europe& Russia
2015 - 2016: Representing Chinese investors in order to purchase 51% of Eesti Gaas AS
2016 - … : Netoil Inc. ( Representative for LNG Terminal Projects and gas supplies/trade
2018 - ... : Defensor Pacis OÜ Law Firm, manager and lawyer, main partner Valters GencsLaw Firm,
2018 - … : I M Law Office Ltd, London, UK, co-founder and director

Published books:
The novel „The Message To Egypt” Publisher Tuul & Nool Ltd 1998
The novel „Creation” Publisher Tuul & Nool Ltd 2003
The Essay „Formula of Life“ Publisher Tuul & Nool Ltd 2006
The Essay „Angel’s Diary“ Publisher Tuul & Nool Ltd 2008
Poetry Collection „The Spot of Light“ Publisher Tuulekoda 2016

The membership in political parties: None

The membership in organizations:
The 1st Degree Commander Knight of the Order of Terra Mariana (
Member of the Russian Interregional Union of Writers
The Founder of the Estonian Union of Manor Houses

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