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Domina Jasmiin

Domus  D’Arendia Elita started year 2019 with the benedictory decision, to give egid to the 2-years old young lady, Jasmiin, on the photo together with her honourable mother Stefanie StaritÅ¡enkov. In the membership of Domus D’Arendia Elita to the name of the young lady title Dame was added (Fr. Dame, Lat. Domina). 
Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) attributed to Domina Jasmiin the Badge of OAM for introducing Terra Mariana in the elsewhere World. Domina Jasmiin id the citizen of the Republic of Estonia, born in Finland, and the most of her 2-years life lived in Spain and elsewhere. 
Lastly, in 2002, Domus D’Arendia Elita perpetuated Domina title together with OAM order badge to the family member of Domus D’Arendia Elite Maltese Order, OAM and OSI, look Knight of the Maltese Order, daughters of Volker von Sengbusch Domina Alexandra  Catharina  Johanna von  Sengbusch in the age of 1 year and Domina Marie  Kristin von  Sengbusch while born already.

Protect. de Arendia. 2019.a.D.
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