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Press release 21.12.2012

I took the Power of Attorney to represent Ordre Souverain de Saint-Jeande Jérusalem Chevaliers de Malte Tallinn Priority in the Baltic States on Maltaon the 20th of March 1995.a.D. I forwarded my Power of Attorneyto the President of the Republic of Estonia Lennart Meri and to the foreignminister of the Republic of Estonia Juri Luik.

 On the 7th of November 2012.a.D. my application to count meto reserve was satisfied and I was nominated with honour as the emeritus-priorof Tallinn and the whole Estonia. I believe that the new prior will become aspleasant to the local population as he is to our God. In the development of myfamily resettlement I see myself joining with the Italian or German Priority.

  With honour and respect,

  Emer. Prior, Stud Dei Ioan Arendia Elita von Wosky

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