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Year 2020

Blessed New 2020 Year to the successors of the Holy Terra Mariana, that always recall the past in thanksgiving prayers! 3. Family Federatio USA Line, The New Year's greetings to the successors of Terra Mariana Uus in 2019. a.D. together with the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid from the USA, Lady Marika Katarina's aunt Olga's family at homeyard in Palo Alto. On the photo: The R.H. Lady OAM, Olga Kisler Ritso's family Thompsons, The R.H. Lady OAM Sylvia and Andrew Thompson, the president of the Republic of Estonia in the middle. (
Quarantine conditions information technology. relief! By Elector Princip CTM and OAM Theol.Dr. Ingmar Kurg sen. CONCORDIA!
It is delight to experience, that through this year of our Lord, through real perception in real Chrisis, we are also becoming better people forever. Thanks to our Saviour's mission, I believe that I, too have redeemed my excessive golden calf worship and vanity sin - I do believe that people will forgive? Nb! BOOK OF RELEVATION. Look at the same theme A.Dürer illustration 1498.a.D. In the NEW TESTAMENT. Our Lord's humble student, your brother Ioan, together with my Lady Marika Katarina. Look: Stud. Dei Contemplationis > Contemplation of Contemplation
Many thanks from Conventus Terra Mariana to our bishop, priests and deacon for selfless service during the pandemic on 2020 A.D. Look: Conventus Terra Maraiana->Many Thanks.
Academia D'Arenida is reopening.
Domus D'Arendia Elite praises young Lady Jasmiin for the first year, responsibility of the first class, excellent wearing and thanks the close for state-of-the-art education on the behalf of Ordo Altaria Mariana. Look Chronicle 2019.a.D.
Domus D'Arendia young-property Jana has something similar with father, but for the fortune she is not lazy at all as father – rejoices the last. The Covid crisis year 2020.a.D. in Paris.

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