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Year 2017

Conventus Tera Mariana Pro Concordia Byzantion group at the regular meeting at Victoria Hotel in Pärnu 3-4.II 2017.a.D. At the same blessed time castellans of Domus Arendiae Ignatios (on the left) and Isidorus (on the right) had presented to Pärnu a mission meeting with Christoupolis bishop Makarios.
Is our Conventus Terra Mariana official culture advisor, prima donna, Austrian mezzo-soprano Dara Savinova – look the same chronicle from year 2012 – also giving cultural advice to president V.V. Putin? Protect Arendia
On 9th March 2017.a.D. Protector Generalis CTM and OAM confirmed Ordo Altaria Mariana Knights Cross standard scale to all Order classes. Applied will remain silver with secret composition, decorated with white and red hot enamel realization. Photo: OAM Knights Cross IV class.
Together with brother Hanno back from the regular mission of Protectorate D'Arendia Adriatica. Photo: Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky, Federico Fellini Airport, Rimini, Italy.
-- 70 --- On the 1st September 2017.a.D. the thanksgiving service of Protector Generalis emeritus CTM and OAM Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky was held at Tallinn Holy Virgin Mary Episcopal Dome Church - Tallinna Püha Neitsi Maarja Piiskoplik Toomkirik for his 70 jubilee. The Ecumenical thanksgiving pray was held by priest-knights of OAM under the high leadership of Archbishop Emeritus Andres Põder, Bishop Einar Soone and Bishop Philippe Jourdan. The chief organiser of the jubilee was Protector Ecumenicus CTM and OAM, Dr. Theol Ingmar Kurg. Jubilar together with his lady Marika Katarina thanks numerous prayers at the place, as those who were with us in. DEO GRATIAS! Photo: Peeter Tammoja
Episcopal jubilee greeting to the collection 'Epitaphs of the Tallinn Cathedral'
Royal House congratulations from Kingdom of Denmark. COPYRIGHT 2017, THE DANISH MONARCHY © . Special and PERSONAL edition to IOAAN 2017.
Co-thinking media Via Terra Mariana is opend again (
Choice of Protector Generalis CTM & OAM symbol-presents. Studio: Leica D'Arendia
Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF (Federatio Familorum) invites everybody for everybody to the joint prayer on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, who have suffered through this historical event. Our Family Federation (FF) participated with 11 Generals in defending traditional values. Our Father, be gracious towards your people as always, now and forever.
Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF (Federatio Familorum) has planned to open between religions and over politics ACADEMIA D’ARENDIA ELITA related to the waited visit of Pope Franciscus I to Terra Mariana in September 2018.a.D. The previous registration of personality with creative thoughts starts … NOW!
CTM prepares to the reception of His Holiness here at Terra Mariana in September 2018.a.D.
Historian and journalist, new Tallinn University Doctor of Philosophy, long-lasting Chief Editor of the present on-line journal Terra Mariana, Cav OAM Heiki Haljasorg, Head of the Department of Education of Tallinn Dome School.

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