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Year 2016

In the Museum of Occupations presented to the Estonian nation by Olga Kistler-Ritso, aunt of Principalia Marika Katarina, who lived in the USA, took place the presentation of front doctor Eduard Ritsons memoirs book, father of Olga and grandfather of Marika Katarina on the 4.II 2016.a.D. On the same day Olgas daughter Sylvia Astrid Kistler Thompson was awarded by President of Estonia with the Terra Mariana Cross IV class national decoration.
The Terra Mariana Cross IV Class decorations of the Republic of Estonia giving to Principalia Marika Katarina aunts Olga Kistler-Ritso daughter, Sylvia Astrid Thompson, and director of the Stanford University Libraries, Michael Alan Keller, for special merits by Estonian ambassador in USA Eerik Marmei at Stanford University in Estonian and Baltic Studies Centre for leading the Museum of Freedom (previous Museum of Occupations).
Representatives of three Baltic States on the Council of Delegates meeting of International Project Management Association - IPMA - in Riga on the 20th of February 2016.
Oil painting with Keila-Joa Castle in the background. Author: Juri Gorbachev - Russian painter living in the USA (in the middle on the photo). Before Schloss Fall, the successor of the same place located estate owner, member of the collegium of the CTM lecture in front of You, Ordo Altaria Mariana Knights Cross Chevalier, Baron Boris Pilar von Pilchau (in the left on the photo) and todays owner of Keila-Joa Castle Andrei Dvarianinov (in the right on the photo).
CUM REVERENTIA, PRAGUE! The mission of the representation of Conventus Terra Mariana to Prague was invited in thanksgiving to honour the times, when the centre of the Holy German-Roman Empire was located here. Nb! Brother of Altaria Mariana Order, Archbishop Erwin Josef Ender, Nuncio of the Holy See, before entering in Nuncio service in Germany, could meanwhile be Archbishop of Prague also. This year to the representation of Conventus Terra Mariana there were allocated working and living rooms in the middle of Brevnov Monastery Sartorius Convent, the Monastery was founded by Prague Bishop Adalbert in 993 a.D.
Concordia I - culture protectorate of Adriatic area in Cattolica this year, devoted to solider-poet Prince Gabriele DAnnunzio
On the 125th Anniversary of Pühtitsa Nunnery.
The representation of Conventus Terra Mariana had the honour to be invited to the opening of the Estonian National Museums (ERM) new building at Raadi Estate complex on 29th September 2016.a.D. Since 1201.a.D. Conventus Terra Mariana is the eldest known internationally recognised organisation at the place.
Revelation named by our Heavenly Queen of Terra Mariana from the year 2012 is going to fulfil - Have a look at articel -Deo Gratias- in a section -Stud. Dei Contemplationis
Truly chamber presentation from the famous violin artist Natalie Vinnitskaja at our home in Tallinn. Protectorate Arendia. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Schloss Holsteinborg. One memory of one homehouses of Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg in the Kingdom of Denmark
Elder of the Chapel of Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and Knight s Cross Chevalier of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM), Danish Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg, leads also Danish-Estonian Society.
The Realised Dream. The wondrous apocalyptic vision of Protector Generalis CTM and OAM from year 2012 got its realisation and high Episcopalian consecration on the 30.X 2016.a.D. here at Holy Terra Mariana in front of the main portal of Tallinn Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Roman-Catholic Cathedral – look Deo Gratias heading Stud Dei Contemplationis. Studio: Leica Arendia
Ordo Altaria Mariana pro Conventus Terra Mariana. From the bronze plate fixed to the pedestal of Mother of Terra Mariana we can read: Mater Terræ Marianæ, ora pro nobis! 06.09.2015 a.D. i.e. the 20-th anniversary of the wondrous appearance of Heavenly Queen in town Travemünde. Look In the same day 1995 a.D. the witness of the Travemünde event, twin sons of Conventus Terra Mariana Protect. Gen. Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky Eugen and Stefan were born in town Tallinn in Terra Marana.
Schloss Fall. Foto: Anastasia Malson
Timeless Foto: Anastasia Malson
2016 Chronicle

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