Year 2015

Domus D'Arendia had the honour to participate on the opening of Gustav Faberge monument in Pärnu on the 3rd of January 2015.a.D. OAM Hon. Chev. title was awarded to Valentin Skurlov, the Faberge expert of London Christy Auction House, for special merits towards Holy Terra Mariana. (Valentin Skurlov second from the left).
Faberge expert of London CHRISTI Auction House, Valentin Skurlov, OAM Order Badge Chevalier, Hon. Chev of CTM. (Order Badge on the left breast.)
On the 31.V 2015.a.D. the miracle-working icon with a great history, Regina Terra Mariana de Dorpat, will be permanently placed to the Tartu Catholic Education Centre. The headmaster of Tartu Catholic Education Centre is Heiki Haljasorg, Knghts Cross Chevalier of CTM Ordo Altaria Mariana.
Two jubilarians, Marika and Ingmar at the Pirita Convent after the thanks prayer.
Terra Mariana Reginõ Cõli de Dorpat miracle-making holy icon&_8217;s wondrous reaching back to Tartu and placing to the Tartu Catholic Education Centre on 31st May 2015.a.D.
IN THE LIGHT OF BETHEL I. Mass est at Tallinn Peeteli Church on Sunday 16th of August 2015.a.D. Fraternitas in Confessione Petri et Pauli Sanctorum assistant bishop, dr. Ingmar Kurg, Dominican priest Father Artur Modzelewski OP, Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) dominas KĂĽlvi Kurg and Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky, Protector Generalis CTM Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky.
IN THE LIGHT OF BETHEL III. Protector Oecumenicus CTM, Assiatant Bishop, PhD. Ingmar Kurg
Is blessed error printõ The jubilee stamp emitted by Conventus Terra Mariana at Estonian Post introduces our highly blessed Terra Mariana at public auctions all over the world. Registered error print: ERROR - image is shifted down.
European defence advisor, Clarissima Domina of Holy Terra Mariana Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky, taking care of the Italian affairs in the European Parliament in Brussels. Photo: Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky.
At Linnutee home-yard in Tallinn. Three years have come true to daughter Kristina (Orlova D'Arendia) in the service of the Brithish Throne. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia.
Theologian and sacred, Urmas Karileet, was confirmed to the first rank on the Bishops ordinal at Tallinn Dome Church on 31.X 2015.a.D. We had the honor to be invited witnessing the high ordination as representatives of CTM and OAM. LCR. Photo: Leica D'Arendia.
At the 90th jubilee of Roman-Catholic priest, prelate, theologian, writer, hero of two wars, Father Vello Salo, the premiere of the memoirs of the jubilarian -Siin Vatikani Raadio!- (-Here Vatican Radio-) took place at the Museum of Occupations on the 5th of November 2015.a.D. Jubilarian blessed the museum with the special rite during installation of cornerstone of the Museum in 2001.a.D. Photo: Among numerous guests the representatives of CTM and OAM were also in media attention. NB! The founder of Museum of Occupations and the biggest private investor in the overall history of the Republic of Estonia, is the American aunt of lady Marika Katarina, Clarissima Domina CTM and OAM Olga Kistler-Ritso.
Advisor of the Italian defence programme from Terra Mariana, this time in Macedonia, 7.XI 2015.a.D. Opus D'Arendia.
Thanks Mass to with wondrous history Virgin Marys miracle-working icon reaching back home at Roman-Catholic Church in Tartu.
For Christmas 2015 the memoirs book of grandfather of Marika Katarina, Principalia of Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF, about the I World War came out of print. Eduard Ritson served as the White Guard Officer as front doctor on the Rumanian front.
At the reception of Ambassador of Italy in Tallinn after successful finalising EXPO 2015 in Milano.
Estonia-China Friendship Association got the acting permission on the 800th jubilee year of this Holy Terra Mariana.