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The Coat of Arms of the Institutio Successors Terra Mariana is inspired by the symbolism of family of Innocentivs III Pontifix Maxsimus counts Dei Conti de Segni. Protect. D'Arendia.
The Academy of Sciences of the Holy See joined with the programmes of investigating civilisations beyond the Earth on the 10th November 2009.a.D. at at 3.30 pm. in Rome. The Institute of Astrobiology of the Academy of Sciences in Rome of the Holy See has been and is one of the most significant scientific centres in the time-space of the Planet Earth. Photo: One of the observatories belonging to Vatican in Gastelgandolfo Lazio, near Roome. Protect. D'Arendia.
Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky in the Central-Greece town Volos. Once upon a time the argonauts went to find the Golden Fleece from this town. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Dimitrios Tsoutsas together with his family and Estonian friends in Volos. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Athens Akropol Erechteion (In front of the temple dedicated to Athena and Poseidon), which was built in the 5th century a.C. The famous Parthenon temple is located close from here (currently under reconstruction). Photo: _Heiki Haljasorg, 2009
At the reception of Mayer of Marsciano Gianfranco Chiacchieroni. Marsciano is located in Umbria, Central Italy. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Square of Innocentivs III in Anagni, a town in Central Italy. In this town the prospective Pope Innocentivs III (Count Lotario de Conti) was born ca in 1161. Photo: _Heiki Haljasorg, 2009
In the Church of Anagni. In this Church the prospective Pope Innocentivs III (Count Lotario de Conti) was baptized ca in 1161. Photo: _Heiki Haljasorg, 2009
In this Perugia Cathedral Pope Innocentivs III was burried in 1216.a.D. Perugia is located in Central Italy, 135 km North from Rome. Photo: Rene Treial, 2009
The present resting-place of Innocentivs III in the Lateran Church in Rome from year 1891. Photo: Countess Anna Dav_dava-Tellan.
Pope Innocentivs III rests here, in his times it was the brightest period of Pope_s power and during his time Estonian and Latvian territories revieved the name Terra Mariana. Photo: Countess Anna Dav_dava-Tellan.
Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky and Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky in front of the SS Peter_s Cathedral in Vatican. SS Peter is buried her; he was the first Pope of Rome. Photo: _Heiki Haljasorg, 2009
Diplomaed Italian project managers. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Action reporter Rene Treial with his morning cigar making his plans for taking Perugia by assault. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Matron between Sorrento and Capri. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
3 April 2009 - CTM Convent Master in the Aegean Sea.
Together with Count Georgio and Countess Anna Dav_dova-Tellan on the background of Roma. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Efficacious female team of the EU LLL project Feel Integrated. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Heiki Haljasorg is interviewing the Vatican Foreign Minister Msgr. Dominque Mambertit. Photo: _LB, 2009
Nutsio Luigi Bonazzi and journalist Heiki Haljasorg one day before the interview. Photo: _KH, 2009.
Catholic Church Bishops of the Nordic Countries in Tallinn. Photo: _Heiki Haljasorg, 2009
In front of the Pirita Nunnery. Photo: _Nordiska Bishops Conference, 2009

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