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Year 2019

In 2019 CTM and OAM Principalia Marika Katarina started work at the International Federatioan of Journalists as a Scientific Journalist. In April, she participated in the stem cell transplantation practice. The summary of the research results will hopefully available in the beginning of 2020. We thank the representation of the EU Parliament for the kind cooperation!
Domus D'Arendia Elita started year 2019 with the benedictory decision, to give egid to the 2-years old young lady, Jasmiin, on the photo together with her honourable mother Stefanie Staritšenkov. In the membership of Domus D'Arendia Elita to the name of the young lady title Dame was added (Fr. Dame, Lat. Domina). Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) attributed to Domina Jasmiin the Badge of OAM for introducing Terra Mariana in the elsewhere World. Domina Jasmiin id the citizen of the Republic of Estonia, born in Finland, and the most of her 2-years life lived in Spain and elsewhere. Lastly, in 2002, Domus D'Arendia Elita perpetuated Domina title together with OAM order badge to the family member of Domus D'Arendia Elite Maltese Order, OAM and OSI, look Knight of the Maltese Order, daughters of Volker von Sengbusch Domina Alexandra Catharina Johanna von Sengbusch in the age of 1 year and Domina Marie Kristin von Sengbusch while born already. Look Culture in the same lecture.
Born in Tallinn, studied at Saltsburg Mozarteum Austria, Zürich Opera Primadonna, mezzo-soprano Dara Savinova, (look Chronicle 2012, 2017 and Protectorate Domus D'Arendia Elita) together with the Principalia Domus D'Arendia Elita Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky. Look: https://www.interartists.nl/news/dara-savinova-wins-first-prize
It is not always easy to represent Terra Mariana for young CTM Domina Jasmiin, but dogged fight with tears outcomes with result, as can be seen. This time in Nice - angels to help!
Im Memoriam military and priest, Prelate Father Vello Salo. Lots of Blessed On Easter Night 2019.aD.
GRIEF. CTM and OAM thank newspaper Õhtuleht for the significant photo from the farewell ceremony of the legendary son of Terra Mariana, Father Vello Salo, at Tallinn Kaarli Church in May 2, 2019.a.D. The first on the photo CTM and OAM Protector Oecumenicus, Doctor of Theology, Ingmar Kurg with his wife Külvi and composer Arvo Pärt.
The representation of Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF at La Scala Opera House.
Protector Generalis CTM and OAM Fra Ioan confirmed the representation membership of meeting on the historical theme of Conventus Terra Mariana during Tallinn visit of the Queen of Denmark Margarethe II on June 15 2019. The meeting is led by the Elder of the Chapel of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) at Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and the honourable consul of Estonia in the Kingdom of Denmark, Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg, who will accompany Her Majesty in the duties of the Royal Chamberlain during the visit to the Republic of Estonia. History of the Danish period at the Estonian area will be handled by MA Artur Alajaan, who has studied the history of the high-medieval ages of Europe at Heidelberg University in Germany. Photo: MA Artur Alajaan together with his mother Irina at Tallinn Town Hall.
Ordo Altaria Mariana (CTM and OAM) Chevalier, Archbishop Emeritus, Andres Põder (on the right) meets with Queen of Denmark Margrethe II in the frames of the jubilee meetings of Republic of Estonia 100 and Dannebrog 800 at dome Church.
NB! In 2020 Anno Domini the first quarter century fulfils of Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) for more than 800 years history of restitution (in Latin restitutio) and founding of Ordo Altaria Marinana (OAM) in the frames of CTM. On the behalf of CTM and OAM we congratulate and thank all successors of Holy Terra Mariana. According to the proposal of Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF CTM and OAM confirm the addition Senior Chevalier OAM before the name to the following meritorious Knights’ Cross Chevaliers in the golden frames. Well known and recognised abbreviations: 1) Sen. Cav. OAM – Senior Cavalier OAM; 2) Chev. Sen. OAM – Chevalier Senior OAM; 3) Post nominal letters: CBE Sen. OAM – CBE Senior OAM. P.S. OAM Bishops’ and Priests’ Cross Chevaliers use the titles in a way it suits them.
Nuncio of the Holy See (look Ambassador) in the Baltic States and Germany, Archbishop Erwin Joseph Ender, Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) Senior Restitutor I, Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) Bishop’s Cross l class. Photo: Together with Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Bishop Philippe Jourdan, Conventus Terra Mariana Restitutor Generalis, Ordo Altaria Mariana Bishop’s Cross I class. Photo: Bishop Philippe besides the bust of Pope John Paul II at the left.
Two chevaliers of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM), resigned Colonel Einar Laigna at the left, Archbishop Andres Põder at the right, Conventus Terra Mariana Senior Restitutor, OAM Bishop’s Cross I class.
PBishop Einar Soone, Conventus Terra Mariana - Senior Restitutor, Ordo Altaria Mariana Bishop’s Cross I class.
Praost Peeter Kaldur: Viru Fraternity, Priest of St. Petersbourgh Jaani Congregation, member of the Estonian Congress, well-known organizer of external relations of the Church, Senior Restitutor Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
Priest-Knight Avo Üprus: priest, chaplain, leader of social-maintenance work and soul keeper, poet and prosaist, Senior Restitutor Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
Priest-Knight Villu Jürjo – Officer and Chaplain of the Defence Force and the Defence League, Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
Priest-Knight Einar Laigna – Lieutenant Colonel, historical philosopher and swordsman, Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
Dr. Theol. Ingmar Kurg, Senior Restitutor, Protector Oecumenicus - Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM), Elector Princps Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg, Estonian Honorary Consul in the Kingdom of Denmark, Line Count, Royal Chamberlain of the Danish Throne and Hof-Jägermeister, Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) Senior Restitutor, Elder of the Chapel of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM). Photo: Count Ulrich in the uniform and sword in the middle.
Blessed baron Volker von Sengbusch (at the left), Knight of Maltese Order (OSI), Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) Senior Restitutor, Sen. Cav. Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM), Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF (Federatio Familorum). Photo: Deutch Orden Schloss, Dinkelsbühle. Studio Leica D'Arendia 2002.
Baron Boris Pilar von Pilchau - Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) Senior Restititor, Sen.Cav. Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM). Photo: In 2012.a.D. baron Boris Pilar von Pilchau brought his forefather’s, General Georg Ludvig Pilar von Pilchau’s, portrait to Tallinn.
Heiki Haljasorg - PhD, Master of Pedagogy and History, Senior Restitutor Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM), Sen.Cav. Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM). Former Meritorious Chief Editor of Lecture Terra Mariana.
Jako J. Kull Evert – Reserve Officer, the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association – Member of Honour Court, Master of Economy, Theology and Religion Anthropology. Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) Senior Restitutor, Sen.Cav. Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM). Photo: Leica D'Arendia. Convent – Terra Mariana 800.
Toomas Peek – Captain Major of the Defence Force of EW, Marine Captain and Central Manager of the Defence League, according to Wikipedia one of the wealthiest men of EW, Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (Sen.Cav. OAM).
Mart Puusepp – the Estonian Retired Officers’ Association and Member of the Board of the Estonian Shooters’ Association, Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (Sen.Cav. OAM).
Hanno Isidorus Saks D'Arendia (left) - Lector of Informatics and Robotics. Coordinator of Pärnu educational institutions information security and joint procurements. Studies of theology continues at The Priory Institute – A Dominican Center for Theological Studies at the University of Technology in Dublin. Castellan of Domus D'Arendia Elita, Conventus Terra Mariana Senior Restitutor and Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (Sen.Cav. OAM). General Editor of present lecture - Terra Mariana. Leader of Innocetivs III Brotherhood at Terra Mariana (Innokentines). Photo Leica D'Arendia: Easter 2018.a.D. at Roman Catholic Cathedral in Tallinn. Karl Juhan Gabriel Saks D'Arendia (in the middle) together with his father and Godfather.
Priit Herodes (in the right) – resigned officer, Chairman of the Heraldry Council of the Republic of Estonia, Senior Cavalier Ordo Altaria Mariana (Sen.Cav. OAM). Photo: -Fingertips-
Father of the Pricipalia of CTM and OAM, Aleksei Ritso (at the right) and aunt Olga Ritso Kistler (at the left) became orphans in Moscow after falling the tsar power. Thanks to the kindness and ingenuity of Estonians the children were brought the first time to Estonia in 1922 and taken to grow up in Estonian families. Aleksei Ritso and Olga Ritso Kistler lived their whole lives thankfully towards the generosity of Estonians. Olga Ritso Kistler, being in service as eye surgeon in the USA, established museum VABAMU for thanksgiving, which is nowadays led by her daughter Sylvia Thompson. Olga Ritso Kistler is Clarissima Domina of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) and Aleksei Ritso is Sen. Cav. of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) and Knights Cross Chevalier of OAM. Photo: 1923 in Terra Mariana.
His Imperial Highness and Royal Highness Dr. Otto von Habsburg - Lothringen, Imperator Restitutor Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM), Orden -ERSTER UNTER GLEICHEN- Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM).
IM MEMORIAM. Primus Inter Pares - Imp. Dr. Otto von Habsburg CTM, OAM; Archbishop Jaan Kiivit - Sen.Restitutor CTM, Bishop’s Cross OAM; Sen.Cav. Volker von Sengbusch CTM, OAM; Priest Kalev Raave - Sen.Restitutor CTM, Sen.Cav. Priest’s Cross OAM; Sen.Cav. Haljand Udam CTM, OAM; Sen. Cav. Aleksei Ritso CTM, OAM; Clarissima Domina Olga Ritso Kistler CTM, OAM; Sen.Cav. Boris Kernago CTM, OAM, OSI.
Patron of Holy Terra Mariana - Pont.Max. Innocentivs III. In 1995 Conventus Terra Mariana has started in the leadership of our Heavenly Father the process of proclaiming our blessed Patron Saint. In thanksgiving pray the places of vita have been visited several times here on Earth as in Anagni, Rome, Perugia and Basilica Di San. Giovanni in Laterano. Our brother, Sen.Cav. Hanno Isodorus Saks D'Arendia, has kindly decided to establish the Brotherhood of Innokentins in participation and communion of successors of Terra Mariana. CTM and OAM have given their blessing together with our bishop Philippe Jordan – please do You the same! In nomine CTM and OAM IN FAITH ANF FAITHFULLNESS USUS, I+M AEvW.
IN MEMORIAM! 11. VIII 2019. a.D. Clarissima Domina CTM was invited to the Heaven, Right Honourable Lady Juta Julia Piirlaid, cofounder of the first Christian Culture Centre in Estonia, honourable co-restorer of the Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM), true Orthodox sister, founding member of the Holy Simeon and Prophet Hanna Congregation in Estonia, fashion designer and professor, good family mom. Please ask at Heavenly for the successors of Terra Mariana! Eternal memory! On the behalf of CTM and OAM, family Arendia Elita von Wolsky
Daughter Jana representing Terra Mariana in the Vienna State Opera House on the behalf of Arendia Elita von Wolsky Federation (FF) in September.
For the praise of Principalia FF Marika Katarina! Arendia Elita de Wolsky FF family federation’s USA branch promised to send at least 100 song festives to Tallinn, whom our lady Marika kindly promised to welcome. The guests were extremely satisfied. Many thanks to the singing and dancing Estonian people and personally to President Kersti Kaljulaid. Glory to the heirs of Terra Mariana! The preparations take place to host our Principalia Marika Katarina in October in USA. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia: Andrew Thompson, husband of Sylvia – cousin of our Principalia Marika – together with the President of Republic of Estonia and 18th U.S. Surgeon General at the courtyard of Tallinn Schlössli Hotel.
Through intermediation of Protector Oecumenicus CTM, Doctor of Theology Ingmar Kurg (photo no.2.) the presented right from Maarja Guild reached to Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM), to use the author rights of the copy of the original photo of the miracle icon of -Regina Terra Mariana de Dorpat- for the blessed activities of CTM for the successors of Terra Mariana. Conventus Terra Mariana thanks Maarja Guild for the privilege referred to. Let us adulate our Heavenly Mother!
Domus D'Arendia expresses acknowledgement and thanks to the war historian, Hon. Chev. CTM Jyri Kotchinev for a well sensed knowledge-based writing -Bagration. A Man, Who Loved War-. Originated himself from the Georgian and Russian military aristocratic families (look https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%BCri_Kot%C5%A1inev) the gene memory has added to the historical treatment a charming added value, what master Kotchinev with the courage he possesses, opens with the associated and appropriate way.
IM MEMORIAM! In 15.X 2019.a.D. artist and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov was sent to HEAVEN again, this time to the last trip. CUM REVERENTIA! PS! I have the honour to be the associated member of the Russian Price House at the time while cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and legendary prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya were ordinated the honourable members of RPH. Protector Generalis CTM and OAM, Fra Ioan
Domus D'Arendia Principalia Marika Katarina was at the mission of CTM and OAM with the invitation of Stanford University at Silicon Valley in October-November 2019.a.D. She forwarded the wearing right of CTM Domina Class decoration together with the class-legal privileges and obligations of her blessed aunt Dr. Olga Kistler Ritso to her cousin Sylvia Thompson. CTM Thanksgiving-Worship is planned to be in Valletta, Malta at the end of this year again.
At Silicon Valley (USA) on October 25, 2019.a.D. the title of Conventus Terra Marian (CTM) - Clarissima Domina of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) together with the right of wearing the symbolics and class-legal priviledges of OAM at Holy Terra Mariana were perpetuated to the permanent representative of Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF in Moscow, noble Sofia Sheremetyeva.
Ordo Altaria Mariana: Woman of the Year 2019.a.D. 'FIGHTING MOTHER' Stefanie Staritshenkov.
Twenty years later, two years one by one in Malta, this is the place here on the Earth, where I have got through the contemplation practice confirmation to the Gnostic knowledge, that after when I have been invited to the Heaven, my ash should have been given under the heavenly protection of the streams of the Mediterranean Sea. Being afraid of sad faces, I have asked to send me away only one priest and one OAM brother, according to the choice of my Lady, who would help to organise relevant actions. From my son Eugen, trained as a composer, I have early ordered a requiem, which should sound as major as one ode to Eternal Life could sound. After publishing these troublesome details in my will, it became so much easier to cheer again: 'Der Tod ist Groß!' – as my father has taught me. Until the reunions – still by the grace of our Father … Your brother Ioan from Terra Mariana. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia.
Young Lady of Domus D'Arendia Elite Jasmiin Staritshenkov together with her mother Stefanie under the watchful eye of their faithful accompanist.

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