Tallinn Terra Mariana 28.XI 2010.a.D.                                                                                                                                    Project



                  In 1201.a.D. by bishop Albert of Riga founded Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and as the re-founder blessed and ordained by the bishops and archbishops of the traditional Christian Churches, I have lift the Conventus Terra Mariana to the good state by the heavenly leadership since 1995 up to today.

                  It has become evident during those years that my highly blessed citizenship initiative cannot survive in the environment depending on liberal market-economy democracy. Feeling everyday heavenly support, I feel also enhanced responsibility before Innocentivs III Pont. Max., who in 1201.a.D. blessed according to our God’s will this Holy Roman Province to God’s Mother Saint Virgin Mary.

                  Figuratively I see, that CTM will stand on the Rock again and will belong to the joint catholic leadership through the stable theocratic hierarchy of the Holy See, because it is found confirmed that in the democratic society leaded by people, that where God does not build, in vain build those who build there.

                  With this Edict I stop the activity of Conventus Terra Mariana until the Holy See takes the leading of us in the whole extent as it was the heavenly will of our patron Innocentivs III Pont. Max. here, in the Holy Terra Mariana.

                  When it has happened, me as the Convent Master or three trustees named by me, cancel the present decision which has stopped the CTM activity.

                  The activity of CTM comes into force either according to the changed or not changed statute, again under the leadership of Bishop Albert’s successor appointed by the Holy See.

                  The decision comes into force from the moment of declaring.

                  At the same time I ask from all Terra Mariana successors on the behalf of CTM to continue thanks prayers with tutelage guardianship of Holy Virgin Mary and continue the movement started by CTM for fulfilling the protocol of the beatification of Patron of Terra Mariana Innocentivs III Pont. Max.

                  For eternity values, student of our heavenly Father, Convent Master CTM, member of the one worldwide Roman Catholic Church, on the behalf of myself and my Family Federation,

In Christ and Mary,


Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky

Convent Master CTM, Magister Generalis AMO


Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky

Clarissima Domina CTM and Leader of AMO, MBA


P.S. Convent Master CTM continues to name the advisors and issuing the Altaria Mariana Order (AMO) badges 63+48 to those, who support CTM proceeding from this Edict.