Free from Golden Calf Slavery!

Just in April became 25 years when I started openly to go for Sparta lifestyle. This way I have donated my work input, as not refundable part into different, in my consideration, innovation logistics and geopolitical activities and until now mainly to the circle of customers of Transatlantic processes, now for the first time I try to contribute also to the EurAsian and the Pacific Ocean transit logistics.

I am 73 tears old and the steel of my health is rusting, children have successfully become independent, my Lady is ten years younger economic scientist and in good shape. Thanks to the well-functioning social system in our country, we do not feel anything missing, which has given us the possibility to donate our knowledge and contact based working contribution to the development of international relations of our young country.

If deducting the costs related to our assistance, then all our contribution transferred to financial accounting remains under leadership of our named foundation, to arrange by the subscriber’s governing bodies. This kind of healthy leading logics has self-regulated itself infallible. Understandably we have taken the responsibility of our name funds revising obligation to ourselves and can only confirm that all the accounting has helped itself to revise very punctually. What is like a joy doping for Spartal lifestyle and there is enough joy for every participant, because this is like a social wealth model taken from the logic textbook.

I have found myself behind the modern front line together with the ideology of the new generation, who talk about saving the management resources of personal things until the environment friendly footprint - right!

Unfortunately, I cannot fit to the same pedestal together with true research-based scientific political ideology of the youth. I was just starting to regret my time and energy what I had to waste on getting and administrating my personal objects of vanity. I started to see a bourgeoise ascent in myself among my things, who fondly called himself a financial artist. For the fortune, I noticed as my friends coming from good homes started to change worried glimpses and my gene memory remembered once again: BE MORE THAN YOU SEEM!

This way, now I am for 25 years free of slavery of vain things, what I recommend to You as-well – learn to optimize your needs, please. Nb! The shroud does not have pockets, teaches a lot of experienced Jewish nation and adds, that You live here as far as your acts are remembered on the Earth and in the eternity the gifts You have shared remain forever living – I dare to add.

Our Lord’s student, your brother Jaan from Terra Mariana,
Together with our Heavenly Queen Mary and my Lady Marika Katarina.