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Year 2021

BLESSED NEW YEAR! In Christ and Mary, yours Terra Mariana Editorial Board. CUM REVERENTIA!
Hopeful New Year! Wishing the under-eaves of the new garden house. Lady Marika has won the crisis time separation as a building entrepreneur in her home garden. Visitors are waited in spring!
With action and praying, together with the Brotherhood of Innocentivs III, for achievement of becoming Innocentivs III a Saint, the Holy Patron of Terra Mariana.
In thankful intercessory prayer in front of the founder of Societas Iesu and Order General Igntivs Loyola and his successor, Jesuit, His Holiness Pope Franciscus and Bishop of Rome.
Let us remember and pray for our good orthodox sister, loving family mother, recognised fashion designer and professor, supporter of restoration of Conventus Terra Mariana at the Christian Culture Centre, CTM and OAM Blessed Juta Piirlaid alias Julia.
All highly honourable and honourable successors of Terra Mariana, let us join all together with our Conventus Terra Mariana Blessed Imperial Restitutor Otto von Habsburg before his father, His Imperial Highness, Holy Peace Solider, Emperor Karl with PEACE intercession prayer against riots in the USA and other places on the Earth. Do we see the coming of the second rider the same way as You? Look the Book of Revelation. NT - Revelation. New Testament.
In ANNO 1201, 820 years ago, the Bishop of Riga, Albert de Buxhoeveden brought Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) from ĂśkskĂĽla (Cesis) to the Dome Church of Riga, which is read the official founding mark of Riga. P.S. Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF (Family Federation) has the honour to have a legendary Mayer of Riga Alexander Gottschalk von Sengbusch in 1796-1800, whose son Jegor von Sengbusch was promoted to Orenburg Governor General.
One known to You rider in love found in 1998 in the first inevitable counter-love at Pühajärve riding base, where for my weight more-or-less suitable four leg companion turned out a pretty large and not too young mare any more, Õilme. You can feel Õilme’s caring body language, mimicry, eras’ position etc., inevitable caring also on the photo, regardless of her 140 kg load. For the fortune, I have met only lovable saddle-horses, but only Õilme lives in my memoirs until now as a wise mother, on whose back I could trust my teenager daughter – we understood each other from the glimpse. Now when we are afraid, that the process of four fatal riders has started, there should be the ultimate time to repent through love, this way I believe to know that me, who is not able to remedy my activities or omissions otherwise, as through good thoughts of love and belief in redemption.
Castellan of Domus D'Arendia Elita Volga Cossack Rostislav’s daughter Julia D'Arendia, former Guberniya Janburg Sankt Petersburg.
Soon after 70 years ago I posed to my uncle, rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts, PhD professor Oskar Raunam. The Art Foundation of the Soviet Union in Moscow bought this masterful cooperation result of me and my uncle. As a sign of artists’ cross-border solidarity, the Russian Art Foundation returned here seen visible pearl of high art to our family (look FF) after the Republic of Estonia left the multinational family of the Soviet Union. The piece of art is waiting for new buyers:)!
IN MEMORIAM! The Duce of Edinburgh, 1921 - 2021
Cherry trees in Tallinn home garden in May 17th 2021.a.D.

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