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Magazine Maarjamaa wishes to remain conservative despite its info-technological medium. Internet discussions are more lively than those on paper. Such a technological opportunity brings opposing sides closer and makes them more equal. Thus it offers ethical right to be intriguing or even scandalous. But please do not be provocative. The provability and sensibility of arguments of opposing sides will be decisive. To challenge the readers I offer you different views of the authors of Maarjamaa. When the aim is to look for truth and good manners serve as the rules then I will expect from readers/participants only specifying instructions. Through discussion towards truth! In the name of editorial

Marika Katarina Arendia
Elita von Wolsky

Member of the Board of Clan Fund, M.A. in Economics


Webzine Terra Mariana is meant for discussions and strives for justice. It consists of the following columns: organization, interviews, society, culture and religion.

In the column entitled Society editor Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky encourages unrepresented parties, extra-governmental organisations and private persons to unite so as to give more Estonians an opportunity to participate in state matters.


Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky
Conventus Terra Mariana 1201 and 2000 A.D. (2000)
Conventus Terra Mariana was founded by Bishop Albert in 1201 A.D. He devoted the territories of Estonia and Latvia to Virgin Mary. This is also the origin of the name Terra Mariana. In 2000 Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky and Ioan Arendia re-established the Conventus Terra Mariana. Permission for it was given by the bishops of traditional Christian confessions. The goal of the Conventus Terra Mariana is to preserve eternal values.
Heiki Haljasorg
Medieval Upbringing (2006)
Medieval upbringing was Christian. The church stated that there were no perfect people; nevertheless, it gave people hope for an eternal life in the post mortal world. For those, who repented and wished to become better persons, God was merciful.  The church offered some help to people to make it easier for them to approach perfection. The medieval society was a class society. Nevertheless, everybody – clergymen, noblemen and the common people tried to imitate Christ in their everyday lives. This meant caring for each other, a community feeling, mercy, and help for the poor and the diseased, following of a strict daily programme and self-discipline.
Toomas Abiline
Mary, Safeguard your Country (2001)
In 2001 800 years passed since Estonia was dedicated to Virgin Mary. The most important historical source of that period is The Chronicle of Henry of Livonia (Heinrici Chronicon Livoniae). A peaceful Christianization of Estonia had happened during the 11th and 12th centuries already - during the times of bishops Hiltinius and Fulco. Thus, it is not correct to state that Christianization of Estonians did not start before the 13th century sword mission. From these times there exists also information about the first Estonian-born monk Nicolaus, who lived in Norway in the Stavanger Monastery. In 1215 Pope Innocent III stated at the Fourth Lateran Council that Estonia and Livonia had been dedicated to the Mother of God and that the Pope wanted to promote Mother’s Land as well as the Son’s Land - sicut terram filii, sic et terram matris.
Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky
Altaria Mariana Order Bearers (2009)
The best known bearers of the Altaria Mariana Order are the Count of Denmark Holstein-Holsteinborg, Baron Pilar Boris von Pilchau, the Archbishop of the Catholic Church Erwin Joseph Ender, the Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia Andres Põder, a Lutheran bishop Einar Soone, a theologian Einar Laigna, Baron Jakob von Üxküll, the former Crown Prince of Austria and Hungary Otto von Habsburg, priests Avo Üprus and Ingmar Kurg, an orientalist Haljand Udam and an historian Heiki Haljasorg
Einar Laigna.
Order and Chaos (2000)
Only the law that cannot be changed is competent. The author relies on experiences from world history which show that the lasting of people and nations depends on their obedience to the real Law, unchanging and eternal - the law established by God, because the opposite of order is chaos. Where there is order set by God, there is peace.

Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky
About Minority Nations (2003)
The Estonians have always been here the main nation, they have been and are now and have been during all colonial periods in numerous majorities. It was only in the 2nd half of the XX century that the Russian-speaking alleys’ number increased to one third of the population. Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky and his family have a good command of the local language and now they are citizens of a one more new state here. But they still feel to belong to local minority nations. Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky´s grandparents – look nationality Volski – belonged to the tribe alley Italics, who integrated to the Roman Empire in 338 B.C. Some centuries later they migrated through Central Europe to Belgian Gallia together with Julius Caesar.  Due to the changes of the borders the land possessions of the Wolsky family in Poland remained on the territory of the Russian Tsarist Empire. Several Tsars have personally been Godfathers of baby-Wolsky’s. Authors holy duty is to confirm, that all these 2000 years lived abroad do not show any signs of repression on the face of this family. Ca 1/3 of the Russian-speaking members of the former family start to come over their grief – just the opposite, nostalgic tones are heard from the side of natives.

Avo Üprus.
From a Clergyman to the Knighthood for Discussion (2000)
The author offers a joint vision of the church and the nobility of a society and the serving, developing, governing and defending of its members: united and safe Europe, humane society where the church which is supported by the nobility has a central role and responsibility as an integrator and balancer of different world views, classes and communities. The central role of the church and that of the nobility would help to fulfil a mission: mental, moral and social healing and developing of the society with the help of the church and Christian values.

Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky
Convent Master’s Repentance (2001)
I have wasted a great part of my life on self-admiration. I have sinned because I have loved myself more than other people. Thank to my childhood home and the memories of my wonderful parents and grandparents, who have brought me up following a sound Christian-European tradition, I have returned to my home almost ten years ago. Love towards everything Maker has created is the greatest treasure the Lord has given to us. These studies on love have been difficult for me, nevertheless, invigorating, because the Father Almighty has always been with me and this gives my will a supernatural power I can experience with each new skill of love I have acquired.

Ivar Soone
United We Stand – Should the Catholic and Orthodox Churches Be Unified? (2010)
Should the Catholic and Orthodox churches be unified with time or the differences should remain even after the merger, should it take place in any moment of the future? This is probably amongst the most debated questions regarding relations between the two churches by the congregation members of both. Yet, there is hardly any doubt that the two churches serve the same faith and share common views on most of the issues regarding Christianity, except few details such as the role and power of Pope and celibacy of priests. However, while the question of cooperation and maybe even merger of two churches is yet still to be decided on “political” level of highest clergy, the matter of identity and unification is already discussed among the regular members of congregations: indeed, should the rather different procedures and rituals of both churches be unified and turned into some common standard, as it was centuries ago, or the differences should remain?

Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky
Concordia I and Metaphysics (2010)
As known the meaning of Concordia in Ancient Greece, later also in the Roman Empire solidarity request of a single in the universe concord this way in every time moment as for ever i.e. in the horizontal and in the vertical time and space. This means the inside and dynamic planning of the dimensions with each other as it has been the will of Absolute and from what we should better be directed neither try to deform the universe.

Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky 
Circular.Pro Institvtio Svccessorvm Innocentivs III (2010)
Conventus Terra Mariana declares its respect for Institvtio Svuccessorvm Innocentivs III-le and thanks all brothers and sisters, who have on the behalf of God’s Mother Holy Virgin Mary and all Saints applied towards S Innocentivs III Pont. Max. and experienced his marvellous strength of tutelage guardianship, who has in his heavenly leadership according to the will of God helped to build up the Church on the Earth. Institvtio Svuccessorvm Innocentivs III Pont. Max. has recognised the claim of restoring the unity of East and West Roman Church as our Patron Innocentivs III Pont. Max has wished according to God will and which has been given to bring into life through Ordo Concordia Terra Mariana. Through the clear and repeating revelation vision got in our prays I name S Innocentivs III Pont. Max. the Patron of Ordo Concordia Terra Mariana and the first Hon. Chev. in the heavenly blessing. This way I ask all Successors of Holy Terra Mariana to pray for one Catholic and Orthodox Church this way, that this unity, Concordia, spreads and strengthens over PanEurAsia and over the whole revealed World – that it would become as it is in the Heaven and as it has been the wish of our Patron  Hon.Chev. Innocentivs III Pont. Max. Our bishop in the Holy Terra Mariana, Philippe Jourdan, confirms that it is the third attempt to re-unite the two biggest churches after the year 1054. We believe humbly, that here and through this the possibility of concluding the heavenly will of our Patron in the time when God has foreseeable.
According to the decision of Principialis CTM from 1st May 2009.a.D. Institvtio Svccessorvm Innocentivs III Pont. Max. has been founded at on Conventus Terra Mariana. From this moment his successors have been praying and been on pilgrimages in Rome, where he governed (1198 ∞ a.D. ) according God’s will, in Anagni, where he was born (1160 a.D.), and in Perugia, where he was invited to the Heaven (16.VII 1216 a.D.). Recently from 25th July to 4th August 2010.a.D. Hon. Chev. Hanno Saks being on the pilgrimage gave the power of attorney of the Conventus Terra Mariana to the Archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pie Gualtiero Bassetti with what the beatification process has started according to the order in the place where our Patron was invited to Heaven.Thanks to our brother Hon. Chev. Hanno Saks for the good work. I ask him to invite a meeting of our catholic and orthodox brothers for joining necessary experts and coordinating the activities. From our orthodox brothers I ask to invite brother Jaakobus, brother Ivar and brother Ignatios. From Catholic brothers I ask to invite Father Ivo, brother Heiki and Principale sister Marika Katarina. The meeting could be arranged by ICT. I ask your corrections and proposals, my educated brothers and sisters.

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