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SED ARTE Gallery

During 15 years the Sed Arte Gallery showed over 150 expositions, and more than 350 gifted painters, sculptors and designers from different countries took part in these exhibitions. Besides,many master classes, creative evenings and recitals were organized. 

All the undertakings of the gallery are supported by consulates and embassies accredited in Estonia, Russia and other states, minding that high grade art precisely unites people of different countries. According to a great many reviews in mass media, the Sed Arte Gallery brings a special accent to the cultural palette not of Estonia only, but other countries as well.

Numerous audience at the exhibitions and other artistic events organized by the Sed Arte Gallery demonstrate that such activity is demanded by people in spite of nationality, for the language of art is understandable without translation the world over. In the jubilee exhibition “Still life in the 21st century” 47 artists take part from Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Germany and America.

 Still life, as a genre of figurative art, is very important for every painter. As a matter of fact, still life is a visiting card of each skilled master, revealing the poetry and beauty of ordinary things, and also the inner life of the creator: his attachments, emotions, ideals and world outlook of his epoch.

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