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Dominican Monck the First Time Giving Speech at Lutheran Pulpit

On 16th of August 2015 Ingmar Kurg celebrated service with Eucharist in the Lutheran Church where the first time in the Lutheran pulpit gave the speech a Dominican priest, Father Artur. 

Fraternitas in Confessione Petri et Pauli Sanctorum (FCPP) assistant bishop, and Protector oecumenicus of Conventus Terra Mariana, PhD Ingmar Kurg has been prospering oecumenical activities in the Estonian churches for years. Ingmar Kurg has been leading the theological committee of Estonian Evangelic Alliance, that has a great achievement ´┐Ż document ´┐ŻAll Churches Proclaim a Common  Gospel´┐Ż since 2010. In 2008 Ingmar Kurg submitted idea of inviting together a theological commission at Estonian Council of Churches. As a result of the work of the commission the instruction material ´┐ŻBaptizing in the Member Churches of the Estonian Churches Council´┐Ż was completed in 2011. But the oecumenical cohesion needs to be expressed not only in documents, but also in real service practice.
Father Artur Modzelewski is brother of Tallinn Dominican monastery (OP), who lives the tenth year in Estonia already. He was born and has worked in Poland. He has also been acting in Latvia and Lithuania as Dominican. Father Artur´┐Żs everyday work is connected with priest´┐Żs commitments in the Monastery and in the congregations of the Estonian Apostolic Administration. Open lectures of Father Artur can be read on the homepage

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