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Conventus Terra Mariana 1201 and 2000 A.D. (2000)

Conventus Terra Mariana originates from the convention from 1201.a.D. with what Riga and Livonian bishop Albert (family von Buxhoeveden) blessed nowadays Estonia to God’s Mother Virgin Mary.

Conventus Terra Mariana protects representatives of different nations’ cultures living in Estonia, supporting their economic and education endeavours. Invites to join representatives of national culture and families living in Estonia according to the order shaped by God. Helps in fixing up and maintaining noblemen register. Conventus evaluates its membership according to their personal characteristics, not according economic or political preferences, national or confession characteristics. With this pact Conventus Terra Mariana is the Council standing for the good faith of Holy Terra Mariana now and forever. The principal decisions Conventus coordinates with higher priests of traditional Christian confessions.

The Conventional Principles of Conventus Terra Mariana have got high blessing from all archbishops of traditional Christian Churches. Conventus Terra Mariana considers its task to appreciate the eternal historical traditions. Conventus Terra Mariana is in cooperation with the Estonian Heritage Society, the Member of the Board I have the honour to be. 

In the contemporary context we try to assist to improve the economic conditions of the third sector. For that there is founded the Economic-Information Centre of NGO-s with separate status. The undersigned has the honour to be elected a member of the Council of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations.

The Convent Master of Conventus Terra Mariana is the representative of the Maltese Knights Order in the Baltic States, thanks to what it has become possible to open the on-line lecture "Terra Mariana". The lecture waits for collaboration from everybody, who can evaluate the eternal historical traditions and wear in them the commandment of love of neighbour. 

In defence of eternal values the reader can have a say:

1) In evaluation of status-legal principle;

2) Evaluation of ethical intellect in material values.


Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky

Chairman of the Board of Conventus Terra Mariana, MBA

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