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Appearance of Virgin Mary in Travem√ľnde

Sitting in front of the hotel on the photo in Travem√ľnde Germany on one early morning in September in 1995 a.D. the image of God's Mother Virgin Mary appeared above the sea in a cloud oval with Altaria Mariana Ordercross (OAM). The authenticity of the holy revelation have confirmed several high priests of traditional Christian confessions, among them bishops and archbishops. Witness of the holy revelation, pilgrim Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky was blessed and confirmed the restorer of Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) and founder of Ordo Altaria Mariana in the same year.  

20 years later, in 2015.a.D., CTM and OAM invite all successors and their guests of Holy Terra Mariana to thanksgiving pray on one jubilee Terra Mariana 800.

20 Years Later...

06.09.1995.aD. Travem√ľnde +20
06.09.2015.aD. Tallinn,Terra Mariana

Ordo Altaria Mariana pro Conventus Terra Mariana. From the bronze plate fixed to the pedestal of Mother of Terra Mariana we can read: Mater Terra Mariana, ora pro nobis! 06.09.2015 a.D. i.e. the 20-th anniversary of the wondrous appearance of Heavenly Queen in town Travem√ľnde.

In the same day 1995 a.D. the witness of the Travem√ľnde event, twin sons of Conventus Terra Mariana Protect. Gen. Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky Eugen and Stefan were born in town Tallinn in Terra Mariana

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