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Statement Concerning Changing My Way

Unexpectedly Pleasant Acknowledgement to My Contemplation from Indigenous people of Terra Mariana 

After the first feedback to the Contemplation for Defending People Living in Terra Mariana I thought that some best sons of Terra Mariana have some kind of crafty conspiracy against me, which opening is not a good warming before my leaving the country. The expected critics got unexpected solution. After declaring my contemplation and insight to the Elder of the Chapel of Ordo Altaria Mariana, count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg, I had consulted beforehand with some authoritative indigenous and several public opinion leaders as before as after publishing the grotesque contemplation by direct mailing and from continual readers of Lecture Terra Mariana I have heard cordial understanding and expectation that I would stay honest in my opinions after leaving Terra Mariana. The unexpected honesty and trusting of the local towards my jest coming from my heart made me wordless for several months and obliged me to meditate about the depth of the spirit of indigenous people and about my ignoble shallowness. I believe that I have become to some kind of clarity now.

Since 1995 I have been participating in the project with the initial task to rise the self-evaluation of the Estonians in the joint family of the European Union. My undertaking deserved only partial, but stable success. The projects administrated by the other organisations were especially successful at first. Soon became obvious that the bright indigenous started to understand, that action is organised attraction, because the flatterers had obviously outbid, stayed declarative before 800 years lasting real sufferings.

I have elucubrated that Estonian is cleaver and it is not possible to cheat his lots of seen genetic memory with cheap tricks. Estonian waits for that one speaks with him as with grown up, who is considered to be worth the truth.

I suddenly feel, that I am proud, that I was born and grown here in the Holy Terra Mariana and do not know any more, should I like to leave from here – anyhow I will be missing this nation wherever I will be.

Naturally the indigenous people of Terra Mariana have bigger rights, than the occupants should have. However I would ask to be more magnanimous towards aliens, because they are often towards You more magnanimous than You could ever expect.

1. Generosity does not make anybody smaller! 
2. Ask for honest communication, be also honest yourself, don’t yap in trifles, don’t lower yourself in hate. 
3. Don’t judge others, if You don’t be want to be judged! 
4. Smile to life, that life could smile to You!

  Forgive to one arguing alien in the circumstances, who thanks all thinkers along here in the Holy Terra Mariana!  

On the behalf of Domus Arendia we wish good survival in the next eight centuries!    

  You loving Stud. Dei Ioan together with wife Katarina and the whole Domus Arendia

© Conventus Terra Mariana