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Contemplation for Defending People Living in Terra Mariana


Today’s contemplation has been activated in connection with transferring offer to my family to one more suitable place here, on the Earth referred by the Lord.


It is suitable to make summary from the experience, from what wise people of Terra Mariana could get tuition. This way your otherwise analphabetic fellow-countryman would like to be useful to indigenous.


I ask to think along to the grotesques packed into maxims with self-interested patience – might become for benefit.


As a local classic you know, A.H. Tammsaare, has said: “Nobody likes Estonian and Estonian likes no one - but should …”. One other educated indigenous of Terra Mariana, Rein Taagepera, has publicly presented the research results of certain universities of the USA, from what becomes evident, that Estonian is the only one nation on the Earth whose motivator of the carrier is anger towards himself, his fellow-countrymen and other nations, who have had more fortune history.


From this position it is very funny to hear imminent mouth-using towards Greece, Russia or some other bigger ones – seems very brave. The caravan moves on imperturbable and does not seem notice the yelping.


When a slave buys himself the similar trousers as landlord, and bigger house and car as the landlord has, then this kind of activity does not make the slave more landlord, rather referrers to inferiority depending on things for rising seeming. But ancient wisdom, from what ancient landlords proceed in their being, sounds: “Be more than you seem!” Don’t let to invite yourself and your children “brown noses”, as sometimes happens in the English-speaking world. The said does not touch one third of people living in Terra Mariana, among them and mostly aliens.


Being honest alien, I express my opinion rare, avoid from local politics and being obedient citizen fulfil all agreement obligations towards the state.


Saint Virgin Mary has defended and held the indigenous of Terra Mariana. Different from American, African and many other indigenous, here has nicely preserved own language and culture.


Don’t judge others, if you do not want to be judged.


One has to confess, that methods of occupation and annexing of the local lands in the beginning of the first half of the second millennium after Christ by Danes and Germans could be overly barbaric, but it is important to understand, that deed were primitives yet, who had been living on the other side of the Alps isolated from Greece-Roman civilisation. A little more advanced barbaric, than local tribes here in the Holy Terra Mariana? – not sure in which meaning.


East-Rome, that means light of Byzantium, did not reach to the east-neighbours border areas yet.


Local indigenous were surrounded from the Europeans, ethnically and anthropologically very different, this way any presumptions were missing for assimilation and any needs for integration were missing.


In rapidly globalising world everybody can integrate and assimilate, who do not consider himself better others.


Would you be so kind and learn from a lot suffered Israel nation, how to evaluate your national rarity. If one cannot love his neighbour as himself, then be respectful at least as towards your fellow-men as all residents of the planet Earth.


Thanks to my educated brothers, who have been correcting my spelling mistakes.


With honour and respect,

  Your servile Stud. Dei Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky together with my co-author matron Marika Katarina.


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