Announcement of knowing

Tallinn Terra Mariana 8th of August 2011.a.D.



                  I announce that I have gained the highest title wearing right here on the Earth together with the wisest responsibility duty.

                  I promise in everything, everywhere and always to be the obedient student of our almighty God


                  I announce, that I abandon from all titles and titles of honour which I have been transmitted, perpetuated and rewarded, until our official rulers live in slavery, which rules us through money and gives us only the value of a merchandise basket. Consuming value, as the feeding mechanism of the market, has become the unshakable power of our survival. We have ourselves chained to the market because of our greed and uneducated and we have servile founded the democratic liberal demagogic protecting mechanism for our boss - Market.

                  Our Almighty Founder has not founded the against humanity market economy. We have founded it in our vice and built it in the right of choice according our Creator has promised, in spite of the Almighty Teacher’s teaching, that were he does not build, those who build in vain there.

                  Now after the collapse of the free-market programmes together with all its democratic influence mechanisms becomes evident that vox populis vox Dei is not at all the God’s voice, but the trick of ancient demagogic rhetoric.

                  If life could be evident in any forms after the collapse on the Planet Earth and we will be given choice to choose once more, then I hope a lot, that we all, who have the right to the supreme title Studiosus Deus, should make the choice according to the wise nature paragon of the Lord, not in favour of the mitschurin like self thinking. This is the gift to them who are should be ready to take the gift.


In faith and fidelity yours Studiosus Deus

Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky


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