70 Years in a Mysterious Pattern


Thankful jubilarian dedicates the forthcoming

 Recollecting to the guests who have been greeting him since

Jubilee celebration at Tallinn Dome Church



At the beginning of the introduction I would like to pay one debt before my correspondents.

            I confirm, that I have started to dream about hermit delight. In the course of training the aware privacy I have reached in contemplations with my blessed tutors to the temptation of magna schema.

            To understand better the mysterious heavenly guiding, what has been governing me always, I need time to understand our Primus Patre better through the contemplation practice. This way I counted myself to reserve from several duties at the place. Blessingly my bishop Msgr. Philippe Jourdan, as legal successor of bishop Albert (1201.a.D.), agreed to take the sacred leadership of Conventus Terra Mariana (CTM) to himself, as Protector-Bishop CTM. During the Easter 2017.a.D. I became a veteran - Protector Generalis Emeritus CTM and OAM. Since then I have been dedicated to reflections through practical communication contemplation practice as an obedient student of our Father.

            Unfortunately, contemplation doctrine establishes the precondition default command. For me it is a serious peacockery temptation ordeal. Contemplation training, as most meditation teachings, starts with spiritual purification � good starting to You aswell. I would like to take the chance and ask forgiveness from all pen-friends, towards whom I have been mistaken accidentally, but who have suffered due to me.

            Let us pray for sinful me, as I pray for You. This way our souls become lighter and spirit cleaner.

It is interesting to experience how the early achieved self-love satisfaction thanks to my hero genes has helped me. Of-course blessing was dedication to love, where more love sufficed to ore, than for my temporary being � opened inanimate eternity richness.

The high blessing given to my Family Federation (Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF) for re-establishing Conventus Terra Mariana, I took without vanity and passionlessly, just because of the early satisfied self-love. On the day, when I felt that my work was done, I put this into the shelf as ready product, that the next generations could use it if Our Father wants it.

Why the high responsibility of the re-establishment of the Convent was put on me among more dignified? Did Our Father need his humble student�s clean conscientious solution not motivated from ego? Aren�t the paths of Our Lord this not explained? His everlasting grace I have been feeling in everything and everywhere in everything and everywhere now and always. I learnt to keep my head empty from my own knowledge, to be more open to Creator�s knowledge, that all created could belong solely to him as much as possible.

One heavenly involvement afflicts me with the obligation to rise a saint � I cannot even think about this theme. It is scary to notice how my close have discovered my prophet capability. I am so tired from my spirit and physique already, that I have been praying Our Father that he would take me to him, if he feels it possible. At the same time I experienced at once how I gained a new quality in communication with heavenly through lovely understanding.

Wonderfully easy became at once, as I had put down those lines for You as confession � let us be the load divided!

Thankfully I remind, how I gained the heavenly guardianship through the intercessions of sacred of Terra Mariana, which invigorated me and lead me not to Fatherland due to the circumstances to find better life. Five times we prolonged the dates of leaving, as I convinced decidedly that according to statutory legality my escape from Terra Mariana could mean betrayal according to all features. Extremely deep bow to Ordo Altaria Mariana Priest-Knights and Bishops.

In faith and fidelity before my Bishop Msgr. Philippe Jourdan and my Tallinn congregation priest Father Alfonso Di Giovanni.

I believe that a reader able to go deep, understands and forgives my self-conciousness due to the adoption of the rules of the new egregor. Even in Italy in the beginning of the summer, where my spirit especially brightens always, did not bring the knowledge this time, how to write and how to handle sworn materials at all.

I ask additional time, to learn external communication in peace and privacy. Until I do not have clarity about my publishing mandate in my new quality, I kindly ask to understand me and.

In conclusion, we can continually confirm that although higher of this reality is everlasting reality, this ongoing reality is the irrefutable stage of eternity for us. Here I reminded Confucius � everything is not as it seems, but also not different. Let us agree, that difficult, even not possible is to interpret verbal in primitive human language concepts of different realities. Music is for sure more exact carrier of everlasting knowledge. Unfortunately, I am not an instrumentalist, otherwise I would play You something. For the fortune Eugen, one of my sons, studies composing music at the local academy. I hope that he will study to express Creator�s creation more exact than his only human-language father.

With this beautiful promising thought, I would like to conclude the contemplation. Even if I knew that I could talk more about my vision in the new quality, I could not see sense in it here. Everything is under control of our Almighty (K�iksuse�lese) Father and everything that he makes, is well done. Let us come to terms that this is right and good. Everything has unexpectedly become so simple in my new egregor, that I could doubt in my mental health, if I had no need to go through a profound medical control because of the prolongation of my weapon permission among that psychiatric. Everything is in norm, as always, only the spirit is brighter as ever. In pray for achieving better spiritual quality for all of us.


In loving esteem your brother, Our Father�s humble student, together with my lady  Marika Katarina