3. Family Federatio USA Line

2019.a.D. Christmas Thanks-giving Meditation ...

My Lady Marika Katarina together with cousin Sylvia Thompson *. On the background there are seen denominative conference and seminar rooms together with library given to permanent use of the Stanford University.

Aunt Olga Kistler Ritso ** was an innovative eye surgeon in the USA and aunt’s husband Walter Paul Kistler was  astrophysicist, who among others owned two private cosmodromes etc.

Being the biggest private donator in Estonia until now, aunt Olga presented the museum “Vabamu” to Tallinn thanks to good Estonian people, who after the revolution in Russia took orphan Tsar officers’ children, among them Marika’s father Aleksei together with sister Olga, to their families care.

Christmas is the appropriate time for memorising again and to thank again the noble spirit and merciful soul of natives blessed Terra Mariana to our Heavenly Queen.

In nomine Arendia Elita von Wolsky FF ***


one Jaan from Terra Mariana

* Right Honorable Lady - Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) Silicon Valley 2019.a.D.look TM Chronicle 2019.a.D.EV Maariamaa Rist IV class decoration. Look TM Chronicle 2016. a.D. Photos 1-2.

** Right Honourable Lady - OAM Tallinn Toomkirik 2001.aD.EV Punaseristi II class decoration in the USA 2001.a.D. TM Chronicle 2013.a.D.

*** Family FederatioProtectorate D'Arendia.