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In Memoriam Olga Mihhailovna Gretshishkina

Olga Mihhailovna Gretshishkina (b. March 22, 1937 Shanghai – d. February 25, 2020 Tallinn)

On February 25, 2020.a.D. passed away our family's kind Orthodox sister Olga Mihhailovna Gretshishkina, bright representative of Russian culture tradition in Terra Mariana. She earned pension addition as English-Russian interpreter. On our last photo-memory Olga Mihhailovna (in the middle) is together with Aleksandr Vassiljevi - French-Russian trained fashion designer and historian from Moscow, on the left from us Russian culture historian, gallerist Olga Ljubashkina.

Our Family Federation remains connected with Olga Mihhailovna also through the permanent representation in Rome. Former opera primadonna of Milano and Rome Anna Davidova-Tellan was the childhood schoolmate of Olga Mihhailovna from Chinese days. A joint community formed from the families of Tsar officers and diplomats was located in Shanghai and Zindao after the Russian revolution. We remind, that the Orlov Davidovs' established us also the Orlov Castle at Maarjamäe.

Olga Mihhailovna decorated the Holy Terra Mariana with her personal charm, which carried natural tradition wise.

We always remain to remember Olga Mihhailovna Gretshishkina with esteem and love in thankful prayers.


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