Year 2020

Domus D'Arendia Elite praises young Lady Jasmiin for the first year, responsibility of the first class, excellent wearing and thanks the close for state-of-the-art education on the behalf of Ordo Altaria Mariana. Look Chronicle 2019.a.D.
Domus D'Arendia young-property Jana has something similar with father, but for the fortune she is not lazy at all as father – rejoices the last. The Covid crisis year 2020.a.D. in Paris.
Estonian Business School 2020, MBA Iris Tomson PR manager of Institutio Arendia Principalia Marika Katarina
On September 1st 2020.a.D. 73 years old becoming youngster in Armagedon faith thanks his good luck wishers, beforehand just in case :) Yours quarantine obedient brother from Linnutee home garden. Photo: Leica D'Arendia. Tallinn, Terra Mariana.
Blessed New 2020 Year to the successors of the Holy Terra Mariana, that always recall the past in thanksgiving prayers! 3. Family Federatio USA Line, The New Year's greetings to the successors of Terra Mariana Uus in 2019. a.D. together with the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid from the USA, Lady Marika Katarina's aunt Olga's family at homeyard in Palo Alto. On the photo: The R.H. Lady OAM, Olga Kisler Ritso's family Thompsons, The R.H. Lady OAM Sylvia and Andrew Thompson, the president of the Republic of Estonia in the middle. (
The obedient risk group of the pandemic in the end of this era, in the anticipation of end, to celebrate in a close circle of own the Re-independence Day of The Republic of Estonia, for whose delight could be performed a dress man uniform from the 90ies, in the baby memory of daughter Jana has survived, just the same Брат2 style. Thanks God, in guardian of Holy Isidorus, we have learnt to communicate infection-free interactively from the distance now in 2020.a.D. Nb! The 20th of August is the Blessed Day by Patron Saint Bernard of Clairvaux! On the behalf of CTM and OAM, be soigne, I+M. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia.
Quarantine conditions information technology. relief! By Elector Princip CTM and OAM Theol.Dr. Ingmar Kurg sen. CONCORDIA!
STILL LIVING DREAM: The best of Europe bring Terra Mariana to the World.
It is delight to experience, that through this year of our Lord, through real perception in real Chrisis, we are also becoming better people forever. Thanks to our Saviour's mission, I believe that I, too have redeemed my excessive golden calf worship and vanity sin - I do believe that people will forgive? Nb! BOOK OF RELEVATION. Look at the same theme A.DĂĽrer illustration 1498.a.D. In the NEW TESTAMENT. Our Lord's humble student, your brother Ioan, together with my Lady Marika Katarina. Look: Stud. Dei Contemplationis > Contemplation of Contemplation
P: You showed us the way of repentance through the life and preaching of John the Baptist - turn our hearts to follow the commandments of your kingdom. P: Let the sunrise shines from above.
Many thanks from Conventus Terra Mariana to our bishop, priests and deacon for selfless service during the pandemic on 2020 A.D. Look: Conventus Terra Maraiana->Many Thanks.
Federatio Familorum (FF) D'Arendia, principalia Marika Katarina with retinue meeting with USA FF representative Andrew Markham Thompson in Tallinn (at the left). Sept. 2020.a.D. Tallinn, Paks Margareeta, the Estonian Maritime Museum.
Academia D'Arenida is reopening.
On the All Saints Day 2020.a.D. Protector Generalis CTM & OAM took to procedure forwarded him evidence of OAM, Cav. Martin Napa, postulant of the OSJ (Knight of Malta), knight’s honour defence. Look: Culture->Martin Napa
Domus D'Arendia Elite Castellan, Protector Generalis brother-in-arms and brother, CTM & OAM Knight's Cross Knight, Sen.Cav. H.I.S. D'Arendia Elita, postulant of the OSJ (Knight of Malta), tactical Shooting Athlete, cyber defense specialist, co-founder of the Academia D'Arendia, member of the founding committee of the Catholic Theological Research Society -Dominicus-, The first Estonian student of the Dublin Priory Institute of the Dominican Order at Dublin University, IT manager of Pärnu Mai School and teacher of robotics, chief organizer of the international robotics competition Baltic Open in Pärnu, data protection officer of Pärnu Mai School, coordinator of Erasmus + projects at Pärnu Mai School, Active member of the Pärnu County Regiment of the Estonian Defense League, commander of -Cyber Eagles- of the Young Eagles and House Daughters of the Estonian Defense League, IT entrepreneur and lecturer in cyber security and data protection, journalist for the magazine -Kaitse Kodu-, editor-in-chief of the forthcoming lecture -Terra Mariana-. Makes preparations to get the chaplain vocation.
Son of Sen.Cav. H.I.S. D'Arendia and godson of CTM & OAM Protector Generalis Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky. Karl Juhan studies social sciences at the University of Tartu and served in the parade unit of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Estonia and is Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) postulant and is a nominee for the OSJ (Knight of Malta). Karl Juhani's godmother, Principlia CTM, has compiled a presentation with a picture from a private collection.
The Chairman of hero Elite of Terra Mariana, excellent preparation: master of economy, theology and religion anthropology and iron triathlon man. Deserving reserve officer, religion-anthropology expert of Institutio Chevalerie D'Arendia FF, Chairman of Eesti Kultuurikoda, meritorious Chargés d’affaires of OSJ (Chevaliers de Malta) in Tallinn, Chevalier of Knight’s Cross of Ordo Altaria Mariana, Sen. Cav. Jako J. Kull. Photo: reserve officer Jako Kull at NATO joint training, for Terra Mariana.
Meelis Vooolmaa. Board member of NGO Blue Cross Estonia and NGO Estonian Energy Savings Association, member of managing committee of Estonian Chamber of Culture. Member of Estonian Defence League. Postulant of Ordo Altaria Mariana (OAM) and a nominee for the OSJ (Knight of Malta). Photo: Meelis Voolmaa at a Defence Leaque training with UK allies at 2019.
Brother of Arms from the last century, Protector Generalis CTM & OAM, OSJ (Chevaliers de Malta) representative in Baltic States emeritus His Excellency Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky together with daughter Jana. PRO FIDE PRO UTILITATE HOMINUM!
A pleasant year-end surprise. From the goodwill of a prisoners’ group of Terra Mariana who asked an extra package from Santa Claus for our Lady Marika Katarina, who as an economist, has found possibilities to give free economic advice to the families, where some family members are waiting for getting release from serving a sentence now. Santa fulfilled the order in the well-known goodness. Great pleasure from the performance of the reminder - thank you! Photo and text: Studio Leica D’Arendia
PER PROTECTORATE D'ARENDIA ELITE! In nomine CTM & OAM: Protector Generalis IAEvW & Principalia Domus D'Arendia Elite MKAEvW
Extraordinary Christmas in this Anno Domini 2020. Good Christmas for reflections: believing that through repentance in this year the New 2021 Year becomes through the grace of our Heavenly Father will be more gracious also towards us here on the Earth, that it would become as it is in the Heaven. Silent Advent time! In Christ and Mary, J+M