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Year 2014

MG CTM confirmed the icon of Patron of HOLY TERRA MARIANA SUCCESSORS.
Cav. Ordo Altaria Mariana (on the right hand) Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Germany, Archbishop Erwin Josef Ender. We ask him to represent Terra Mariana on the 800. Anniversary in Rome in 2015.a.D.
Johannes Paulus II PP opened the third secret of the revelation of Madonna di Fatima, to bless also the whole Russia as Holy Terra Mariana. CTM promises to take part in the mission.
Castellan of Domus Arendia Elite Cav. Hanno Saks D'Arendia owns the privilege to wear the DAE regalia ring Concordia D'Arendia nr. A I of Principalis DAE Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky.
CTM has been invited to participate in the Theocratic Socialism Development Programme of Concordia I PanEurAsia.
The many USA relatives of our Principalia Marika Katarina who came to memorize Olga Ritso Kistler, could also take part of the Singing and Dancing festival of the Estonian nation, look http://www.terramariana.ee/web/en/ƵConventus_Terra_Mariana heading In Memoriam July 7th 2014.a.D.
Lady Marika Katarina together with 3 months old Maine Coon kind family member, giant boy got he name Ponte. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Reveletional expierence in TravemĆ¼nde on 1995, details see: http://www.terramariana.ee/web/ƵConventus_Terra_Mariana:TRAVEM%DCNDE_ilmutus
Ordo Altaria Mariana decoration IV-2 was awarded to four candidates in the Estonian knighthood Tallinn Bishops Dome Church on 19th of August 2014.a.D.
Pius PP XII recognised officially the appearance of Virgin Mary in Fatima, 7th July 1952.a.D. he consecrated the whole Russia to the purest heart of Virgin Mary. Pro Concordia PanEurAsia.
On the 13.XII 2014.a.D. Domus D'Arendia brother Ignatios was enhanced to the first class in town PƤrnu Holy Terra Mariana.

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