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Year 2013

In January was fulfilled 20 years of coming together the initiative group here in Terra Mariana inspired by His Imperial Highness Otto von Habsburg’s Pan-European movement www.concordiapaneurasia.eu , www.concordiacluster.eu/institutio.paneurasia
Legal successor of Tshingis-khan. Euro-Asian in the beginning of the third millennium in the Central Europe. Artist-portraitist Sergei Minin, Hon. Cav. CTM
Portrait of an enlightened woman (editorial board). Co-wanderer, co-author and muse of artist - economist, ex-banker, Maecenas and everlasting learner. Hon. Chev. Rein Mägar, patent CTM nr 160. Protect D'Arendia 2012.a.D. Roma
Habemus Papam! In nomine: Conventus Terra Mariana.
During founding Pan-European-Est. Financial Consortium we also participated at IPMA Congress in Warsaw. Photo: Les Squires.
Group of participants on the immortalization ceremony of Bishop Msgr. Philippe Jourdan and surgeon Dr. Ingmar II Johannes Kurg at Tallinn St. Peter and Paul Cathedrals Johannes Paulus II hall on 11th April 2013.a.D.
Magister Generalis of Conventus Terra Mariana Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky and ordinated Altaria Mariana Order Knights Cross Chevalier Bishop Msgr. Philippe Jourdan. See Press release 11.04.2013.
OAM Clarissima Domina, Olga Kistler-Ritso, born in Kiev1920.a.D., in 1922-1944 lived in Terra Mariana, in 1944-1951 lived in Germany, since 1951 lives in the USA. The biggest private donator in EW, look Occupation Museum. Aunt of Principalia Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky, fathers sister. Domus D'Arendia.
Castel D'Arendia Elite young castellan Maxim D'Arendia, son of the Volga Cossack Rostislav previous Janburg province of St. Petersbourg.
In the frames of the EU defence programme in Sicily, Palermo Prinsipalia Marika Katarina could press the paw of Garibaldi lion puppy. Photo: Leica D'Arendia.
Prince Peeter Volkonski is nominated the leader of Culture protectorate of Conventus Terra Mariana and Concordia I (protector). Studio: Leica D'Arendia.
CONCORDIA I - area of the Adriatic culture protectorate. Studio Leica D'Arendia
At the blessing ceremony of regalia rings CONCORDIA I. Roma 338 a.C. together with Bishop Msgr. Philippe Jordan in Mary chapel on the third Advent. Tallinn Terra Mariana. Studio: Leica D'Arendia.

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