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Year 2012

DAE started year 2012, in European financial capital, in Frankfurt
In 2012 Domus Arendia Elite got a new design of the full Coat of Arms with support lions. Designed by heraldic CTM Hanno Saks.
The represantation of Domus Arendia Elite at the awarding ceremony of A. Pushkin medal for the collection Baltics in the Imperial Service at the Embassy of the Russian Federation on 17th February 2012.a.D.
Principium FF nominated Hon. Chev. CTM Lembit Tolga accoding to the assessment Opus Arendia de Rome, Domus Arendia Elite Il Grande Tenore on 21st March 2012.a.D.
Principalia Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky was elected as Chairman of the Board of Institutio PAN-EURASIA. Photo: Studio Leica D'Arendia
Conventus Terra Mariana and Ordo Altaria Mariana chilren\'s defending advisor Mare Voskressenski-Siirak descends from the ancient dynasty of Byzantine priests.
Opus Arendia de Roma confirmed CTM culture advisor Dara Savinova from Salzburg Mozarteum University, mezzosoprano of Domus Arendia Elite.
PR leader of Institutio PAN-EURASIA Iris Tomson
Russian art expert CTM and OAM, art scientist, gallery manager, Olga Ljubashkina
With broken hand and leg Stud. Dei apologises, that his public relations are pinned into corner temporarily.
Chevalier Ordo Altaria Mariana, Heiki Haljasorg, in I Holy Land Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
Vladimir Stepanjan - judo coach - professional qualification V, the leader of the Eastern Department of Martial Arts at Institutio PAN-EURASIA directed by Principalia CTM. http://www.concordiacluster.eu/institutio.paneurasia
The 20th time in the Everlasting town\'s Holy State and the 23rd time in Italy, and again in the Volski\'s country.
Clarissima Domina together with Volski fellows in the forefathers country capital Vellettri at the fountain.
About the life and activities of Antonio Rosmini in the Institutio Antonio Rosmini founded at Conventus Terra Mariana, Antonio Rosmini Centre at the Palazzo of Balangaro at the shore of Lago Maggiore in Stresa, Italian Alps. Soon You can read under the Terra Mariana Heading Institutio Antonio Rosmini.
Robert Raag, colleague of Principalis Conventus Terra Mariana Ioan Arendia Elita von Wolsky in state defence, without weapon and with weapon training.
Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Project Managers’ Association (EPMA) Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky and Vice-President of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Nuno Ponces de Carvalho sign the Membership Agreement between IPMA and EPMA on the 30.09.2012 in Bakuu, Azerbaijan.
OSI prior from 2013 will be hard as the diamond in his simplicity. Studio: Leica D'Arendia.
Terra Mariana film artist Jaagup Roomet, risen to high steads in international consideration as the Venice Film Festival, laureate of the European Film Academy etc. Protectorate D'Arendia
Knights cross Chevalier of CTM OAM Boris Pilar von Pilchau brought his forefathers, Georg Ludwig Pilar von Pilchau, portrait of General to Estonia.
The first time in the history there is exhibited regalia ring CONCORDIA I Roma 338 a.C. in A-gallery safe in Tallinn VIII-IX 2013.a.D. Studio: Leica D'Arendia

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